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Pros of the Monster Vault

Cons of the Monster Vault

If you're keeping your gun in your nightstand drawer... you probably know it's not the safest option. However, if you like the idea of having it close or maybe under your bed, it's about finding a more reliable way.

The Monster Vault is our top-rated under bed safe and the solution to storing firearms in a bedroom. This vault is ideal if you want something that's within a few feet away but virtually impossible for other people to access.

Measuring the Safety of the Monster Vault

The first thing you should know is that it’s highly unlikely anyone will be able to walk away with it. The top and bottom are made of 11 gauge steel while the sides are made of 7 gauge steel.

It has an electronic lock that allows you to choose from three to eight digit long combination code and a letter A or B. Our recommendation for remembering your combination is to make it a habit of opening it at least 2 times a day for the first week. That's how we remembered ours.

The unit also features a low battery indicator and audible feedback. Another one of its great safety features is the mute option that allows you to access the inside of the vault without making a single sound.

It also has pre-drilled holes you can use to anchor the box to the floor or the frame of your bed.

Fireproof/Waterproof Capabilities of the Monster Vault

Much like every other similar model, this one also doesn’t have great fireproof and waterproof capabilities because it simply wasn’t built to protect against these factors. While it probably will withstand high temperature to a certain degree, it won’t put up a fight against open fire. More so, increasing water in the case of a flood would also most likely break its electronic parts.

Make sure to store it in your bedroom, as it’s an under-bed safe. Possibly wet areas of your home can cause rust so avoid putting the vault in your basement and garage.

Storage Capabilities of the Monster Vault

The interior is 26x44.75x5 inches in total and has a maximum diagonal length of 51.5’’. This gives you a total of 3 cubic feet to store your guns in.

Use its dimensions to figure out how many of your guns you would be able to store inside. It’s a roomy vault so you can fit a nice collection of firearms in there as long as you keep in mind the maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs.

Price Point of the Monster Vault

The safe offers a reliable lock, is made of sturdy and thick steel, and is quite heavy, so it provides a very high level of protection. Its weight is one of its best assets, even more so if you choose to bolt it down to the floor.

It's a pretty price to pay, but a small amount if you take into consideration your personal belongings that will be stored. For that reason and that reason alone, we say you will definitely get your money's worth with the Monster Vault. It even comes back by a 7 (YES, SEVEN) year warranty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Monster Vault

Much like every product, this one has its perks and setbacks. The thing our team loved the most is the ease of access. This isn’t your typical under-bed safe that’s tricky at best. It’s a drawer that pulls out smoothly and effortlessly even when it’s packed to its maximum capacity.

One thing we think would be better is if the interior had padded sides. Though this isn’t a significant problem, it’s still important to keep in mind that all the sides are bare metal so you might want to look into getting some kinda of interior lining.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the Monster Vault

Overall, it’s a super secure vault that has lots of room for different guns and items you find valuable. Its best feature is probably the size since it’s large enough to fit all of that, but still slim enough to fit under your bed.

Also, it’s easily accessible which is rarely ever the case with this type of safe. Our team found this reliable vault to be a good option for someone who has an extensive collection and wants to keep it at hand.

If you want size and versatility, the Monster Vault Under-Bed Safe might be the best option for you as it delivers exactly that and some more.

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