First Alert RA31524 Gun Safe Review

General Overview of the RA31524

Safety 95%
Durability 93%
Price Value 95%
Overall Score 94.33%

Pros of the RA31524

  • Affordable Price and Portable
  • Backup Access

Cons of the RA31524

  • Requires 2 Hands

Looking to find a portable gun safe you can carry in your vehicle? First Alert’s RA31524 is one of our top recommended choices! Not only is it one of the safest options, it’s portable, easy to use and versatile. The RA31524 is the new and improved 5200DF.

The construction is durable enough, providing owners with a dose of security you can rarely find in vaults at this price range. A series of its other features make it an excellent choice for indoor use as well as for transporting needs.

Continue reading to find out about its specifications and features and how it performed when our team tested it for durability and ease of use.

Measuring the Safety of the RA31524

The RA31524 has a construction made of 18-gauge steel that’s powder-coated for extra durability. It’s a box that’s unlikely to break and can withstand certain violet access attempts.

It has a simple keypad lock that’s programmable so you can choose a 3 to 8 digit code. It also boasts a “no-see” feature, meaning you don’t have to see look at it to unlock it!  This adds even more security that nobody will be able to figure out the entry code

It comes pre drilled and with a steel cable that’s been tested up to 1500 pounds making it easy for you to bolt it to the floor or trunk of your car.

Fireproof/Waterproof Capabilities of the RA31524

It’s powder-coated, meaning it’s highly unlikely that it would rust. However, we recommend keeping it in a dry place anyway ensuring a prolonged duration its life.

When it comes to fire resistance, the safe didn’t perform as well. All we can say is that it can withstand some high temperatures but cannot endure direct fire.

It’s also not completely waterproof or even waterproof rated, but it does come with two override keys enabling access. We feel like the water would most probably leak through and get to your belongings.

Storage Capabilities of the RA31524

This is a small safe that measures 9.2 x 14.5 x 10.6 inches in total. It has protective foam on the inside which also reduces its overall storage capacity.

Solely made for one, it cannot fit more one. You can fit a few bullets or thin valuables like credit cards, but no magazines and definitely no larger items. The vault comes in a larger size that might be more appropriate if you have several guns.

Price Point of the RA31524

As we mentioned, it’s super affordable and budget-friendly. It has pre-drilled holes, a security cable, a lined interior, and an alternative access method, which are the few most important things to look for when buying a gun safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the RA31524

Most people like how easy it is to use. The keypad is straightforward, and you also get two keys to access it in case the batteries run out. Its level of safety is also quite impressive especially when you consider the affordable price.

When it comes to its setbacks, our team noticed that some users might need two hands to access it. Though we didn’t find it necessarily hard to open and could do it with one, the two-hand operation might be time-consuming to some.

When you enter the code using one hand, you’d also need to use your other hand to further open the top that only opens a bit.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on the RA31524

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use gun vault that can be used in the house and on the go, you’ve found one. The First Alert RA31524 offers protection, durability, and is one of most affordable safes.

It’s small and suitable if you have just one gun since anything more than that cannot fit in its lined interior.

Overall, we think it’s a good combination of features especially considering that its size. You’d possibly need two hands to open it, but the process is quite simple so that shouldn’t present a significant problem. Make sure you bolt it down and secure it with the provided cable!