Different Types of Gun Safes

Last Updated: November 28th, 2020 | By Peter Robinson
Do you have one or more firearms in your house or office? If so, do you think you're storing them safely away from unauthorized hands? It's your responsibility to keep all your weapons away from anyone who could misuse them. A strongly reliable and durable safe is a great way to make sure your firearm is away from children and curious guests.

The best way to prevent theft and unauthorized use is by investing in a gun safe.

Many people feel overwhelmed not knowing which vault would best fit their needs. To make it easier for you to understand, we've separated them into categories by its general use and type of lock. If by the end of this guide you still don’t know what gun safe you should get, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist you with any further questions you may have! Continue reading to learn all about these different types of safes to help you with your decision.
Biometric gun safes like the one pictured above are considered among the safest vaults on the market as they only grant access to authorized people or rather, authorized fingerprints. As opposed to using keys, codes, and numbers that you can lose or forget, you use your fingerprint to open it. There's no fear or possibility of someone stealing your safe keys or figuring out your passcode by guessing.

It's one of the safest methods because it's highly unlikely that two people will have the same fingerprints. In most cases, most biometric safes store several prints, so you can save one or all of your fingers including those you trust. Our best biometric gun safes can be found here.

How Does A Biometric Gun Safe/Reader Work?

Biometric locks are nothing short of a very amazing technological advancement. It starts by first taking an image of your finger. The biometric reader will study the patterns of valleys and ridges (we like to call them grooves) on your finger of which it'll store. While this isn't an ACTUAL physical image, it's a representation of characteristics that are converted into binary code. After storing your fingerprint, it'll analyze all others attempting to unlock the safe against the one you have stored (or sometimes even up to 20-30 different fingerprints). If the tried fingerprint matches the one in the database, it'll open. If it doesn't match, it won't. Simple as that.

Important thing to note: If you somehow damage your fingerprint, (yes, that means scratches and scars) there is a high chance that the biometric reader will not be able to read your fingerprint. Our recommendation? Get a biometric safe that will enable you to store more than ONE fingerprint in its database.
If you want extra security AND privacy when hiding your firearms, in wall gun safes might be for you. It fits easily inside your wall (hence the name, in-wall gun safe, so you don't have to worry about making extra space for it in your house or office. Much like you see in the movies, it's generally hidden in plain sight covered by a mirror or a painting.

They come in all shapes and sizes, although most are on the smaller side. There are various lock types to choose from based on your needs and preferences on levels of protection needed. We believe that the hardest part of owning one is installing it into the wall. Mostly all of the best in-wall gun safes listed on our site come with all the accessories you need, so installation is rather quick and easy using commonly owned tools.

Again, this is one of the BEST ways to hide a safe away from lurkers. Burglars and thieves alive most likely won't find it unless they somehow take interest in the painting/mirror you've decided to hang over it.

Important thing to note:
A lot of people make a common mistake of camouflaging the safe behind hard to move objects. If an in-wall safe is the safe you decide to choose, our recommendation is to make sure you conceal it with something fairly lightweight that you can easily move when in a hurry

Under-Bed Gun Safes

If you prefer to have your guns close to you when you sleep in case of emergencies, we think an under-bed gun safe will fit just right. A big advantage is it allows you to reach for your weapons quickly and with ease.

These come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and weights. Like all gun safes, they differ in lock types and features they come with. This brings certain versatility allowing you to store more than just a pistol under your bed. If you opt for a larger type, you'll be able to store more than just that.

Needless to say folks, keep your bed neat and tidy PLEASE.

They are as secure as any other, though these are more sturdy when bolted to the floor. A frame of your bed is also an option, but either way, we recommend securing the vault somehow to ensure that nobody can simply walk away with it. Some models listed on our site come with security cables, so you don't have to make any holes in your floor! Check out our best under bed gun safes article!
PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. When you take your gun with you, it should go without saying that you are NOT able to bring it into some buildings. Post offices, churches, schools, and other buildings alike don't allow weapons so if you'll be traveling, you'll most likely leave it in the car.

Car gun safes serve this purpose. Rather than your weapon sitting underneath your seat in the open unprotected, take extra precaution by investing in a car gun safe. Even if you're transporting a weapon, you want it to be as secure as possible. We can't stress this enough.

These are mostly small and meant for one weapon only, but you may be able to fit a few other valuables in there. Look only for those that can be secured into place so that nobody can steal them. Similar to under bed gun safes, car gun safes also come with security cables used to anchor it in place.

Truck safes are based on the same idea of portability. However, these are usually much larger and ideal for rifles and other big items. Keep in mind that most of the larger safes are also quite heavy so you most likely won't be able to carry it around.

They come with different types of locks, and some can even be opened without looking. This is ideal if you want to keep it under your seat for easy access in case of emergencies. We've compiled a list of the best car gun safes if this is the type of safe you're interested in!

The Safeist Conclusion

We can all agree that if you have any firearm, you need to keep it secured and stored in a safe place. What other way to do it, other than a gun safe? There's no exact safe for anyone, it's up to the preference of the user and use cases. We think the best way to choose is to consider all the important factors. Think about the different types of firearms you have, how much ammunition you are planning to store, as well as the valuables you plan on keeping in there.
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