Best Under Bed Gun Safes 2020

Last Updated: March 9th, 2020

An under-bed safe is an ideal option to protect your gun from unauthorized use while keeping it close to you when you sleep. If you own a weapon for self-defense purposes, this is a great way to feel more secure confident with it in your home.

It’s perfect for keeping it away from children, which is probably the most important. However, you still get to keep it at hand in case of emergencies.

Why is it better than any other? Every type of gun safe has its pros and cons, but the under-bed is probably one of the most convenient ones in terms of use and setup.

Continue reading to see our top picks and follow-ups you should consider if you want an under-bed gun safe. Below you’ll also find pros and cons to owning one as well as answers to some popular questions.

Best Under Bed Rifle Safe


Monster Vault Underbed Safe - Our Top Pick!

Monster Vault’s under the bed gun safe as our top pick is a no brainer. It provides the ultimate quality and reliability. Harboring a lot of internal space that allows you to store guns, ammunition and whatever other items you want to protect.

It’s thin but wide so it fits under the bed easily, though you can also store it in a drawer or use it as a car gun safe. It measures 28 x 48 x 7 inches, and it weighs about 140 lbs.

Though this may seem heavy, it’s important to keep in mind that the vault is built of “cold rolled” 11’ gauge steel to provide ultimate security. The interior is lined with fabric, so all your belongings don’t get damaged.

It features a digital combination lock that opens the door. It’s completely programmable as you get to choose your own three to eight digits long passcode.

This one comes with a backup key to allow you access in case you forget the combination. 

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The 98190 from Hornady features a touch-free technology that allows quick and convenient access. It has an RFID locking mechanism that reads up to five different cards. However, you can also open it with the included backup key or four to six digit code of your choosing.

If you have children, you’ll be glad to know this one is tested and certified by ASTM for safety standards. It went through some drop/pick/saw and lock strength tests to ensure its resistance to prying.

The vault is built of 16 gauge steel with four locking lugs. It comes with a 1500lb cable allowing you to secure it even more. It’s always ready for use as it’s powered by AC and battery.

Overall, it measures 42×15.25×6.75 inches in total while weighing about 50 pounds. It does come with some setbacks as the RFID can sometimes be tricky to operate especially in emergencies. Plus, the door is somewhat noisy.

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American Security Defense Vault

Introducing American Security’s Defense vault! One of its best features is its overall protection and sturdiness. It has holes that allow you to secure it to the underside of the frame. This means no robber will be able just to pick it up and take it away.

It features a shelf that pulls out where you can store your guns and ammo. Many people feel like this is especially convenient in the dark during emergencies.

Its electric lock allows you to select a combination of up to six digits. The keypad is backlit, so it’s super easy to use in the dark.

Though the lock itself is reliable, the batteries only last a few months. This means you’d have to replace them quite often which can sometimes be a nuisance. Plus, the vault doesn’t alert you when the batteries are empty which can be inconvenient in emergencies when you’re trying to get to your gun quickly.


Secure-IT Fast Box Model 40

The Fast Box Model 40 from Secure-IT has a simple design for easy access in all different types of situations. It holds one long rifle that you can strap in for more safety. This is especially useful for transporting weapons because the interior is padded and keeps the guns from moving.

It’s secured by a three-point locking mechanism and hinge door. You access it via key or electronic keypad. The all-welded steel construction features a black powdered coat finish which WE LOVE.

One downside is that it can only hold one rifle since there’s no additional space for ammunition or anything else. This might be trouble if you own more than just one weapon.

Because it weighs only 45lbs, it’s recommended you bolt it to the floor under your bed to ensure nobody can steal it. Everything that’s lightweight is also easy to carry away, so you really want to take those extra steps to secure the vault.


Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

Stealth Defense’ DV652 is suitable for people with several weapons needed to keep safe. It holds a shotgun or rifle and up to one to two handguns.

It’s made of 14 gauge steel while the door features a five-point locking mechanism. Its measurements allow you to fit it under your bed without any hassle. The four already drilled holes help you attach the vault to the floor. The external dimensions are 6x52x14 inches.

The unique Stealth Electronic Lock lights up when you touch it for extra ease of use in the dark. It features a tray on the inside that pulls out like a drawer.

It weighs 74lbs so it’s pretty heavy and sturdy making it less likely that someone could steal it. However, its most significant setback is that there’s no alternative way of opening it as it doesn’t come with any backup keys. This can be inconvenient if the electric locking system fails.


SnapSafe 75400, Secure Under Bed Safe

If you want to store more than one gun, this 24’’ deep safe is a great option. You could fit two long guns and just as many handguns with some room to spare for ammo.

The vault is made of 14-gauge steel with a fabric-lined interior. It features an electronic keypad that allows you to select three to eight digits to use as your passcode. In case you forget it, use the backup key with the hidden keyhole.

Though it’s quite heavy weighing about130 pounds, the vault features pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount it for extra safety. It also comes with 3’ thick cable. It’s highly unlikely someone could dismount it and leave your home with it.

Overall, it’s a sturdy and pry-resistant box that’s ideal for storing several weapons and virtually impossible to break in. The only setback is the hidden keyhole that might be tricky to get to in emergencies.


Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6

The PB6 Shotgun Safe from Fort Knox is completely different than anything you’ve seen so far. It’s a horizontal vault that can fit a single shotgun. The innovative design makes it easy to pull the gun out and back in with ease.

It’s made out of 10-gauge steel with 3/16 plate of steel doors. The inside is carpeted, so your gun doesn’t get scratched. Why would you consider this one? Well, it’s among the simplest safes out there. It doesn’t require batteries, and it’s easy to install.

The outside measures 5x45x9 inches in total. You access it via the simplex lock and code you created. There are 1081 different combinations available, so what are the odds someone would actually guess it?

However, it’s pretty lightweight for a gun safe. Unless you bolt it to the floor or side of your bed in any way, someone might walk out with it.

Best Under-Bed Pistol Safe


Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe​

If you want something solid, heavy and made of sturdy materials, this would be an excellent choice. It’s made from 10-gauge metal which is something we don’t get to see as often when it comes to gun safes. This one is more solid and reliable than most other vaults made from steel.

It can handle two or three guns depending on their size. This one can be bolted to the floor under your bed, and it’s recommended you secure it this way. More so, it weighs only 22 pounds so it wouldn’t be so hard for someone to pick it up and leave with it.

It features the classic simplex lock that requires no batteries. It’s a mechanical lock that allows fast opening at any time. However, there aren’t any alternative ways of accessing it which might be a problem if you forget your combination.

Fort Knox offers a lifetime warranty on the safe.


Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault​

While Titan’s pistol vault is on the smaller side, it fits easily under your bed or in your car. It comes with mounting brackets so you can bolt it to the floor for extra security. It comes with a one year warranty.

It features a mechanical lock, so there aren’t any batteries. This makes the overall use and access a bit easier. However, make sure not to forget the combination because there’s no other way to unlock it.

The box is made of 14-gauge steel, and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines and approved by California’s Department of Justice. It holds a handgun up to 10’’ long with an ammo box sold separately. You won’t need more than a few seconds to access the safe.

Buyer's Guide to Purchasing a Under Bed Gun Safe

Pros of Owning an Under-Bed Gun Safe​

These are easy to install and access at all times which makes them some of the most favorite types. Here are multiple advantages and reasons why:

  • Convenient – these are probably the easiest to use. Some pull out like drawers while others open like pianos but either way, these are convenient and easy to access.
  • Easy to hide – an under-bed safe is ideal to hide weapons away from curious children and thieves. It’s a good choice if you don’t have as much space in your house to keep a large firearm vault.
  • Reliable – these usually come with mechanic locks that don’t require batteries. Plus, all quality vaults can be attached to the floor or the frame of your bed for extra security

Cons of Owning an Under-Bed Gun Safe

There are also cons, and although they aren’t as significant, they might play a role in how you choose the right box for you. These are some of the cons that stand out the most:

  • Only for clear areas – this may not be the best option if you store other stuff under your bed. If there’s a pile of things, it might be awkward and tricky to access the vault in emergencies.
  • Not for large collections – if you have a large number of guns, this is probably not the right one for you. Though some models can hold more than one, these usually aren’t big enough to store large collections.

Why Choose Under-Bed Over In-Wall Gun Safe?

First and foremost, under-bed safes don’t require you to cut a giant hole in your wall. Installing in-wall gun safes aren’t easy if you aren’t a handy man even if it appears to be. It requires quite a bit more effort in order to get to it too.

An under-bed vault is much easier to install as it only requires you to bolt it to the ground if you want to. Plus, it’s also more versatile. Most of these are compact and small, so you can use them to transport your weapons with safely.

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Should You Bolt The Safe To Your Bed?

The short answer is YES. You should always bolt it to your bed or the floor underneath it. All under-bed safes are much more secure when they are secured to the ground or the frame of the bed.

Unless you bolt it to one of the two, a safe is nothing but a locked box. This means someone might steal the entire thing in which case they’d have more time and tools at hand to open it. 

Safeist's Final Verdict and Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable safe with quick access, an under-bed type is probably the best for you. These are the best on the market right now based on their overall quality, durability, and ease of use.

You should choose one of the above depending on the number and kind of guns you want to store away. If you can’t make up your mind, consider the top picks we chose for you. Our top choices for best under-bed gun safe go to Monster Vault and Fort Knox PB1.

Once you think about your needs and preferences, it becomes easy to choose one of the above to keep your guns safe from curious eyes.