Best In-Wall Gun Safes 2020

Last Updated: April 1st, 2020

An in-wall gun safe is, as the name suggests, a safe for your belongings that you’re supposed to build into the wall. These are less likely to be noticed by a burglar regardless of their size.

If you don’t have much or looking to save space in your home or office, you should highly consider this type of safety vault. It’s recommended that you install it between the studs for extra sturdiness, which requires some extra work, but once you put a picture or a mirror on top of it, no one will be able to find it.

Best In-Wall Gun Safe for Handguns

This is a large one with outer dimensions of 22 x 16 x 4 inches. It’s big enough to fit all kinds of stuff that you have value to you. It’s built of 1/8” steel and powder coated inside and out.

Most importantly, it can hold several pistols and handguns. It has two shelves inside so you can keep documents and jewelry on one of them, too.

The entire box is easy to install without much effort. It’s built, so the frame around the front conceals the lines that aren’t cut straight. It’s easy to cover with a painting or a mirror because it’s completely flat.

It opens with a passcode of your selection or a key in case the battery is empty. Choose a pin code of three to eight numbers and change it as many times as you need. Another useful feature is the buzzer and LED lights that turn on when you open the door.

This USA-made safe is easy to install and open. It mounts between 16” O/C studs and is entirely flat, which makes it easy to cover it with an art painting or a mirror.

You don’t have to install it when you’re building your house; you can do it later, too. Simply cut an opening in the wall that’s big enough to fit the vault. Slide it in and use the lag bolts to secure it onto the studs.

It has one adjustable shelf you can slide up or down depending on the items you want to secure. You can easily fit your handgun there with a few other things such as jewelry, documents of value and money.

Its inside measurements are 13 x 11.75 x 2.5 inches. It’s small and takes up little space so it’s highly unlikely anyone will notice it.

The unit features a Simplex lock and doesn’t require any batteries. Non-hinged sides of the door feature anti-pry brackets for extra security in case someone does find it.

Best Biometric In-Wall Gun Safe

This high-end safe opens quickly with your registered fingerprint, and it remembers it even if batteries die. It measures 19x14x4 inches in total. Its doors are 5mm thick.

The VS-52BLX features a 500 DPI Optical Sensor and 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism. It’s seamless, and laser cut for optimal safety.

It stores up to 32 fingerprints and one PIN code, so the access is easy. The interior is carpeted, and there’s LED light in there to help you during nighttime. It’s powered by six AA batteries, but you also get two keys in case you need access, and the batteries are dead.

The modern, military design fits in houses and offices, and if installed properly, it’s barely noticeable. It’s made of steel, so it’s virtually impossible to open it by force. Plus, you can turn the sound off in case of emergencies, so the entire operation is quiet.

Barska is well-known for their biometric safe models, so it’s no surprise we include one in our list. This biometric vault is reliable and easy to hide so intruders can’t find it. Hide it behind mirrors, furniture, pictures, etc.

It’s capable of storing up to 120 fingerprints so you can scan all your fingers and give access to other people, too. It comes with four AA batteries that can last up to two years, but there are also two backup keys in case the battery fails.

The shelves on the inside are adjustable so you can organize content within. Its exterior measures 15.5×3.73×20.75 inches, so it provides enough space to store some guns, jewelry, medicine, important documents and such.

With the box, you also get backup keys, mounting hardware, and a protective floor mat. Use the pre-drilled anchor points to secure it to the wall or floor with the mounting hardware.

This durable wall safe is easy to install and hide behind different objects. It’s made of steel and is burglar-resistant. However, it’s not resistant to fire and won’t protect your belongings from it.

The motorized locking bolt system opens the door automatically making the access faster.  This is especially useful during emergencies when you need to get your handgun in the shortest time. These are dual live chrome bolts measuring ¾” in diameter.

What’s most important is that you don’t have to install it when you’re building your house since you can do it later as well. It’s meant to be installed between 16” o/C studs, and because it comes with a flange, you don’t have to re-plaster your walls later. Its overall dimensions are 18.2×3.9×14.1 inches which gives you about .44 cubic feet of storage.

The Protex features two removable shelves you can move around to customize the space depending on the kind of guns you have.

This large biometric safe is one of the most secure ones on the market. It’s designed to store several different items such as guns, pistols, medical supplies, valuable documents, jewelry and whatever else might be important to you.

It stores up to 120 fingerprints, which allows you to scan all your fingers for easiest access. This way you can just use any finger to access the vault in emergencies. Plus, it allows you to let other people open it, too.

Its best feature is probably the small locked compartment inside the box itself. It’s best for more sensitive items you want to secure even more. The box features LED lighting and fold-down tray so you can find your stuff during nighttime, too.

The two removable shelves are also adjustable allowing you to customize the space to your liking. Six AA batteries power it though you get two backup keys to open the door if the batteries fail.

Best In-Wall Rifle Safe

If you have more than 1 rifle you’ll probably need more space. SnapSafe’s In-Wall might be the best for you. It’s a 16 gauge steel body with 15” steel door for optimal security.

The box measures 44×16.25×4 inches on the outside while its interior measures 40.7×14.13×3.75 inches. It weighs about 55lbs. The SnapSafe requires four AA batteries, but you can also open it with the two backup keys it comes with.

It allows you to access it via electronic and keypad options. You also get two backup keys to open it in case the batteries die. It includes three removable shelves you can organize in a way to fit your weapons, documents, jewelry and other items of value.

We recommend installing it between two wall studs by securing it with the six lag bolts provided. You’ll get a mounting kit in the package to help you mount and secure the vault.

The Department of Justice approves this one for its secure and reliable 3-point locking system. It’s easy to install between 16” o/C 2×4 wall studs. You can easily install it behind a larger piece of furniture to hide it.

It’s big enough to fit four long guns, pistols, handguns, ammunition, documents, jewelry, and other valuable items. The box features welded anti-pry brackets along the the 14ga. door. The unique Simplex mechanical lock makes it difficult to break.

The locking system features two steel rods that go through the door and into the frame. The center locking deadbolt is 3/8” and goes through a steel lock block. Its anti-pry brackets are welded to the heavy-duty door.

It’s a secure vault that offers up to 1081 different combinations, so it’s virtually impossible to break in. However, it can’t protect your belongings from fire or flood.

Buyer's Guide to Purchasing an In-Wall Gun Safe

Advantages to Owning an In-Wall Gun Safe

These are among the safest and most popular kinds on the market. They have multiple advantages which is mostly why people opt for them. Here are the pros of an in-wall safe:

  • Easy Access – it’s usually installed at eye level which instantly makes it easier to open than any other type. You don’t have to bend in order to get anything out which is especially useful in emergencies.
  • Saves Space – because it’s inside your wall, this type of vault doesn’t take up any space of your room.
  • Ultimate Security – nobody can steal the valuables inside the safe if they can’t find it. These boxes are easy to cover up with paintings, mirrors and larger pieces of furniture.

Disadvantages to Owning an In-Wall Gun Safe

Like every product, these also come with some setbacks in design or security level. Though each model has disadvantages of its own, here are some of the most common issues:

  • Usually Not Fireproof – these usually aren’t as fireproof as other types. Some high-end models can withstand certain heat, but they mostly aren’t meant to protect against fire.
  • Not Very Large – some models are tall and can fit rifles, but wall safes usually aren’t very deep because of overall wall thickness.
  • CAN Be Pried From Wall – though it’s not as easy to break into one, everyone can pry it from the wall with enough time on their hands.

Why Choose an In-Wall Over A Stand-Alone Safe?

One advantage a wall safe has over every other is the confidentiality and privacy it provides. These are so easy to hide behind different items such as pictures, mirrors, furniture, etc. This way, it’s highly unlikely anyone will be able to notice the vault.

Stand-alone is not as easy to conceal. You’d have to be smart and organize your room in a way that would distract people away from the vault.

Plus, a stand-alone is a bit inconvenient to open in emergencies. You’d have to bend and dial your combination which isn’t always the easiest thing to do in high-stress situations. A wall safe is simple to open as it’s at a higher level.

Safeist's Final Verdict and Thoughts

These are the best in-wall safes you can get for the different weapons you have. Choose one from our list depending on the size and number of guns in your collection.

Make sure to consider the locking mechanism that works the best for you. Biometric is usually the easiest to open though some people consider electric ones more reliable. Think about where you’ll install it and how you’d hide it.

Once you have a general idea of the in-wall safe you want, double-check the list above to find the one that will keep your firearm away from curious guests, children, and burglars.